The Society for Innovation and Development (SID) was founded in the year 1991, in close collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.

IISc is India's premier research Institute which has contributed in a significant way towards the scientific and technological growth of the country as well as producing outstanding intellectuals to manage Industries, Business houses and Institutions.

The mission of SID is to enable India's innovations in science and technology by creating a purposeful and effective channel to help and assist industries and business establishments to compete and prosper in the face of global competition, turbulent market conditions and fast moving technologies. SID strives to bring the leading intellectuals of IISc and the fruits of their research and development efforts closer to industries and business establishments in a cordial atmosphere with prosperity of the Nation as the ultimate goal.

SID is a society registered under the Karnataka Societies Act, with a symbiotic relationship with IISc. It primarily draws from and provides access to the intellectual and infrastructural resources of IISc.


Individual or Group Projects

SID undertakes research and development projects based on individual or joint proposals from the faculty and scientists of IISc in collaboration with industries, business establishments, National and International Organizations. Such organizations are welcome to enter into an agreement through SID with an intention to collaborate with IISc Departments to sponsor research projects.

Program Units
SID has set up program units which are work groups in identified areas that can undertake activities on a sustained basis. These units undertake multiple projects with varying degrees of flexibility to facilitate and expedite execution of the project.

Joint R & D Centres
SID promotes joint R & D programmes and R & D centres between IISc and National and International organizations.

Other Modes
SID can formulate new, innovative modes of interaction to suit the specific needs of any proposed collaborative activity between IISc scientists and external agencies.

Remarks from Sri Ratan N Tata, President of the Court, IISc during his visit to SID on 11-March-2005
"a very interesting and eye opening visit. I am impressed with the calibre of the work being done to footer a greater spirit of innovation and creativity."

Remarks from Sri P Chidambaram, Finance Minister, Govt. of India during his visit to SID on 02-April-2005
"I am grateful for the presentation made by SID. It is not easy to match-and marry the requirements of industry and the skills of academia. That SID has been able to do so with considerable success, in a competition world, is a measure of the abundant talent available within IISc."

Remarks from Sri Arun Shourie, Former Union Minister, Govt. of India during his visit to SID on 08-August-2005
"SID is our rocket to the future! It has already begun to make a mark. With every good wish."

Remarks from Sri R Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser, Govt. of India during his visit to SID on 08-October-2005
"SID is an excellent institution for the transfer of technology from IISc, which is a store house of technology and the service behind. It has helped to network IISc with Indian industry, and in many cases with companies abroad. CEO of SID Prof. Mohan is also the co-chair of CAR-the Core Advisory Group for R&D in the Automotive sector which has already been successful in enhancing academia industry interaction in this sector. SID will play an increasingly important role in Indias development through the use of technology and I wish it all success"

Remarks from MEC Dr. (Ms.) Tasneem Essop, Minister of Environmental Affairs, Development Planning and Economic Development - Western Cape Province - South Africa during her visit to SID on 17-November-2005
"Our visit to SID has been truly inspiring. As South Africans we share a common desire to see our fellow developing countries has become true leaders in innovation. SID has shown us that this is possible. We hope that we can build on this relationship by forming some concrete partnership. Making Research & Development the actual focus for successful business will be our strength in the future & SID has proven this extremely well. Congratulations & well done."

Remarks from Sir John Rose, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce plc during his visit to SID on 24-November-2005
"A very valuable insight into your institution. I am excited by the range of potential areas of common interest and the flexibility with which you approach co-operation with industry. I look forward to further visits."

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